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Instruments, Specula, Retractor, Forceps

Jars, Jugs, Tray, Pans, Holders, Cups, Bowl 

Kidney Dialysis System, Fibers, Hemo Set

Lab Reagents, Microscopes 


EENT, Diagnostic, ECG, EEG, EMG, ENDO

Fixtures, Beds, Tables, Foggers, BSC, OR/DR 

Gauze, Gowns, Gloves, Sheets, Bandage 

Hypodermics, IV Sets, Syringes, Cath, Ndl 



Ambulance, Rescue, Mobile Clinic, Beautyderma, Bulbs, Batteries, BP Set

Chem Lab, Wares, Industrial, Research

Dental Units, Instruments, IOC 

Dental X-ray 


University Medical Models - Special Items 

University Medical Models, Charts, PHNKIT, Veterinary Equipment, Supplies, Meds, Droppler, UTSV, Weighers/Scale: Salter, Wheelchair, Walk Aids, X-Ray, UTS, CT Scan, CArm, Films, Chems, CR/DR. Eqt Refurbished, Demo Units, Tie-Up Units, Stents, VPShunt, Dilator, Biopsy


Rapid, Pregtest, DOA, Urine, Dengue, Typhoid, Sutures, Sensors, Vicryl, Chromic, Silk, PDS, Theraphy OT/PT, Rehab, Thermometers


Medical Supplies - Pharma

Medical Supply, Tubes, FBC, ETT, TT, ESU, POP, Nebulizer, Nebkit, AnesthReg/Vents, O2 Tanks, Ortho, Maxillofacial, Spine-Hip, DCP, Screws, Pharma: Branded, Genrx-Orals,Inj Onco, Vaccines 

Ambulance to Dental Units

EENT to Hypodermics 

Instruments - Lab Reagents

EQuipment - Theraphy

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